The Medway Historical Society, Medway, MA
The Medway Historical Society, Medway, MA

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The Medway Historical Society - Photos for Sale 

To order photos email the Historical Society with the Item# and title of the photo.
4"x6" are $3.00 each; 5"x7" are $5.00 each; 8"x10" are $8.00 each (all sizes are approximate)
Current Medway Historical Society members please ask for 25% discount!
All photos 2008  

Church Celebrations of Medway

tn_2ndCongChurch02.jpg - 15506 Bytes Item 021 (2nd Congregational Church) 2008 tn_2ndCongChurch01.jpg - 14223 Bytes Item 022 (2nd Congregational Church) 2008
tn_28TercentenaryCharacters1930 2ndCongChurch01.jpg - 17799 Bytes Item 023 (Tercentenary Characters 1930 2nd Cong. Church) 2008 tn_28TercentenaryCharacters1930 2ndCongChurch02.jpg - 18040 Bytes Item 024 (Tercentenary Characters of 1930 2nd Cong. Church) 2008
tn_TercentenaryChoir1930 2NDCongChurch.jpg - 15507 Bytes Item 025 (Tercentenary Choir 1930 2ND Cong. Church) 2008

Medway Historical Society, 223 Main Street, Medway, MA 02053 (508) 533-7222