The Medway Historical Society, Medway, MA
The Medway Historical Society, Medway, MA

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The Medway Historical Society - Photos for Sale 

To order photos email the Historical Society with the Item# and title of the photo.
4"x6" are $3.00 each; 5"x7" are $5.00 each; 8"x10" are $8.00 each (all sizes are approximate)
Current Medway Historical Society members please ask for 25% discount!
All photos 2009

Historical Recreation in Medway
tn_BoatingOnCharles02.jpg - 15040 Bytes
Item 240
(Afternoon boating on the Charles) 2009
tn_EarlyBaseballTeam.jpg - 15953 Bytes
Item 241
(Early Baseball Team) 2009
tn_HockeyAtThayerPond.jpg - 18800 Bytes
Item 242
(Hockey at Thayer Pond) 2009
tn_PicnicAlongCharles.jpg - 22634 Bytes
Item 243
(Picnic along the Charles) 2009
tn_SwimmingNearBigRock01.jpg - 22634 Bytes
Item 244
(Swimming in the Charles near the big Rock) 2009
tn_WoodlandPark1902-BaseballGame.jpg - 22634 Bytes
Item 245
(Baseball Game at Woodland Park circa 1902) 2009

Medway Historical Society, 223 Main Street, Medway, MA 02053 (508) 533-7222