Open Houses
and Exhibits


The Medway Historical Society Celebrates Medway History with historical exhibits

Bringing Our Shared Medway
History To Life

Normally, the Medway Historical Society hold regular monthly open houses at our museum at the Jacobe Ide House. Currently the Ide House is closed to the public for some renovations.

In the meantime we will bring our themed exhibits to various locations around town. Check our home page for the next upcoming exhibit.

Recent 2023 Open Houses and Exhibits
have included:

  • Veterans Day Exhibit at the VFW
  • Native American Exhibit at the Thayer House
  • Fire Fighter Exhibit
  • School/Education Exhibit
  • Clothing and Hat Exhibit

Medway Historical Items

Our exhibits feature both items from the Medway Historical Society collection as well as items loaned to the society from residents or former residents. Check our Facebook page to learn what the needs for our next exhibit.

Commonly donated items include

  • Photos
  • documents
  • Maps
  • Clothing
  • Memorabilia