Medway Village
Historic District

Established December 2008

Greenville’s Original Pumpkin Patch Since 1967.

Located along the Charles River in the southeast corner of town, the Medway Village Historic District was designated as a National Historic District in December, 2008. Medway Village consists of over two hundred historic buildings on approximately 60 acres of land. Medway Village was the first area in town to see significant growth as the textile mills on the falls of the Charles River were established at the end of the eighteenth century and the industrial development during the nineteenth century. By the 1830s, the area was known as Factory Village.

As you walk through Medway Village, refer to the historic walking tour pamphlet prepared by Timothy Dobday. Walking tour pamphlets can be found at the Town Hall, by contacting the Medway Historical Society, or downloaded by clicking on the file below. The unique architecture and historical facts will surely enlighten you as you tour Medway Village.

October Activities At Pumpkin Patch

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