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Contact: Marian Pierre-Louis, Vice President
Medway Historical Society
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Specialist Provides Tips for Historic Home Owners

MEDWAY, Mass., March 19 – Mark Landry of Landmark Services introduced Medway homeowners Tuesday night to techniques for preserving the historic character of their older homes. Invited by the Medway Historical Society to give a talk called “Restoring Old Homes: Advice from a Professional”, Landry captivated the audience with restoration tips illustrated by real life examples.

Landry advised home owners to follow some basic guidelines if they decide to renovate or restore their homes. Among the advice he gave was to research the history of the house before starting work on the project, assemble the right team and determine your goals. Many times a decision needs to be made between restoring a house to an original period look versus renovating a house so that it is modern yet reminiscent of the original architectural design.

Choosing contractors and architects that specialize in historic restoration is an important part of every restoration or renovation project. Not all contractors are familiar with the unique expertise needed for restoring historical homes. Landry suggested being careful when adding additions so that they are harmonious with the original architectural style and likewise play it safe with the selection of paint colors.

One of the benefits of doing restorations on historical homes today is that there are many more manufacturers of architectural reproductions. Homeowners have a much easier time of getting the reproductions they need to restore their homes to their original look. Landry also advised that older homes can be energy efficient without replacing the windows with newer vinyl replacements.

Landry closed the talk with a visual tour of his own home, a Greek revival from the 1830s which he restored himself over a seven month period. The Medway residents, encouraged by the talk, discussed the challenges and goals in their own homes after the presentation.

The talk is one of a series that the Medway Historical Society is presenting this spring about old homes. The society is starting a new on-going project to encourage Medway home owners to research the history of their homes. Residents can contact the society with questions about how to get started with their research. More information about Mark Landry and Landmark Services is available at Information about upcoming programs at the Medway Historical Society can be accessed at



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