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The Medway Historical Society, Medway, MA
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Publications for Sale

  Title/Description Cost
  The New Grant: a History of Medway. Francis D. Donovan, 1976. 179 pp. illus., maps. Softcover. $19.95
  Images of America: MEDWAY. Grace G. Hoag and Priscilla N. Howeker, 2004. 128 pp. illus. Softcover. $19.99
  The Middle Post Road in Medway. Francis D. Donovan, 1991. 37 pp. illus. Softcover. Village Street from Millis to Bellingham. $8.00
  The Hartford and Dedham Turnpike in Medway. Francis D. Donovan, 1995. 46 pp. illus. Softcover. Main Street from Millis to Bellingham. $8.00
  The Flightsong Book. Helen M. Hickey, 1998. 88pp. Illustrated by the author. Softcover. $15.00. The adventure of running a wild bird hospital in Medway. $15.00
  Quinobequin Lines: Medway History in Verse. Francis D. Donovan, 1991. Illustrated by Vaughn Thibodeau. 60 pp. Softcover. $8.50
  Old Home Day, 1904: Medway, Massachusetts, Proceedings at the Celebration. Rufus G. Fairbanks, ed., 1904. 49 pp. illus. Softcover. $10.00
  Map, Medway Village, 1887. $10.00
  Map, West Medway, 1887 $10.00
  Notepapers, Medway Scenes. 8 Notepapers, 2 each of 4 scenes. $5.00/pkg.

Medway Historical Society, 223 Main Street, Medway, MA 02053 (508) 533-7222